Saturday, July 20, 2013

READY...SET.... CRAFT!!! - Stenciled banners

Today, I attended a Women's Retreat at a local Church!! We were treated to a wonderful brunch with lots of chatter and laughter. Then we were given a choice of classes to take. I chose the Pinterest class which was perfectly organized and suited for all skill levels. We made these wonderful banners along with two other crafts. My imagination was in overdrive. What a neat, simple idea for a gift!!  I'm making my Christmas list and this is going to be in a lot of gift bags!!!

The instructions are very simple:
     Cut a shape out of burlap fabric - Triangles are great too, but I loved this banner shape
     Using a stencil, create your letter on each burlap section with a foam brush,                            acrylic craft paint or a sharpie (other colors look fabulous also)     
     Allow the paint to dry (this takes only a few minutes)
     Cut a length of jute twine, enough to tie to something on each side
     Using hot glue, attach the twine to the back of each banner.

I wish I had taken pictures of each person's creations. There were so many wonderful ideas! Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!!!!

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