Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Baby Shower - DIY style!!!

I love the idea of painting. 
I love parties. 
I love baby showers (and other gatherings that are full of "Happy").
I love it when all those things come together!!

Recently I was given the greatest opportunity to host a painting party/baby shower. These 3 wonderful women spent an evening together painting and in the process, art was created for the new baby's room. Using the designs from the nursery bedding, I drew colorful outlines on each blank canvas. We started with the background color first, and those choices were gorgeous!! Then on to the details, and they finished by signing each painting!! The results were fantastic!!! I can't wait to do this again. I can't thank them enough for sharing this wonderful time with me. Thank you again, ladies.

And thanks to for hosting this event!!! 

READY...SET.... CRAFT!!! - Stenciled banners

Today, I attended a Women's Retreat at a local Church!! We were treated to a wonderful brunch with lots of chatter and laughter. Then we were given a choice of classes to take. I chose the Pinterest class which was perfectly organized and suited for all skill levels. We made these wonderful banners along with two other crafts. My imagination was in overdrive. What a neat, simple idea for a gift!!  I'm making my Christmas list and this is going to be in a lot of gift bags!!!

The instructions are very simple:
     Cut a shape out of burlap fabric - Triangles are great too, but I loved this banner shape
     Using a stencil, create your letter on each burlap section with a foam brush,                            acrylic craft paint or a sharpie (other colors look fabulous also)     
     Allow the paint to dry (this takes only a few minutes)
     Cut a length of jute twine, enough to tie to something on each side
     Using hot glue, attach the twine to the back of each banner.

I wish I had taken pictures of each person's creations. There were so many wonderful ideas! Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!!!!