Sunday, January 13, 2013

Upcycled Wooden Pallet - Art with Heart

Wooden Pallet Art is one of the newest ways to upcycle something that normally we would not use. Wooden pallets are plentiful around here and with the help of a saw, hammer, nails, screws and a little sanding, we had some wonderful pallet panels to work on.  

How To:
We followed these steps to have the perfect boards to work on.
1 -  Sand the panel before you begin. Spray with a light coat of wood sealer, allow to dry completely.
2 - Sand lightly a second time to remove any additional rough spots. Now you are ready to begin. 
3 - Basecoat the panel with your favorite color. We used acrylic paint, but I have used pickling paint, stain, latex, etc. whatever we have on hand. Just put on a really nice even coat. Allow to dry.
4 - For a more distressed look, sand again before you add the design.
5 - Print out your favorite quote in the fonts that you like. Using graphite paper against the board, draw around each letter to transfer the quote to the board. Be patient and take your time.
6 - Remove the paper, your design should show lightly on your board.
7 - Using a paint marker (the color your words will be) outline each letter, allow to dry.
8 - Using acrylic paint and a small brush, fill in the letters, allow to dry completely.
9 - Seal with a spray sealer.
10-Add a hanger to the back for easy display.

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