Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Painters Drop cloth to fabulous Curtain!!!

Wow... This is an incredible repurposed project that was almost "No Sew" which makes it perfect for even the beginning DIYer. My friend, Traci, redid her kitchen this past summer on a shoestring budget. Popcorn ceiling DOWN with the help of friends, a lot of dust and lots of giggles. Cabinets - REPAINTED. Hardware - REPLACED. Fixtures - REPLACED. All this was done while maintaining her budget. Table/Chairs and China cabinet that I was letting go of became her "new" kitchen furniture. It good to have friends that are getting rid of stuff, right?!?! With all that work, she couldn't let the windows go without adding her special touch. After much searching, she found a beautiful floral fabric for her kitchen window. She then decided on a heavier fabric for the window facing the street. A beautiful tan DROP ClOTH became the base fabric for this gorgeous curtain. By using strips of the printed fabric and white ribbon from the window above her sink, we attached the ribbon and fabric with iron on tape (we suggest the heaviest iron on tape possible to avoid having to sew). I think she pulled the room together flawlessly. (We are DIYers.... nothing is ever really flawless but we like to think so). Using conduit pipe and some connectors, she created a heavy duty curtain rod. Clips attached to rings made the curtains easy to hang. There was a little sewing involved, and a lot of drop cloth leftover for other projects. But the result is fabulous. A great idea that will add a lot of life to the kitchen. I can't wait to see what is next on her list!

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