Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Baby Shower - DIY style!!!

I love the idea of painting. 
I love parties. 
I love baby showers (and other gatherings that are full of "Happy").
I love it when all those things come together!!

Recently I was given the greatest opportunity to host a painting party/baby shower. These 3 wonderful women spent an evening together painting and in the process, art was created for the new baby's room. Using the designs from the nursery bedding, I drew colorful outlines on each blank canvas. We started with the background color first, and those choices were gorgeous!! Then on to the details, and they finished by signing each painting!! The results were fantastic!!! I can't wait to do this again. I can't thank them enough for sharing this wonderful time with me. Thank you again, ladies.

And thanks to for hosting this event!!! 

READY...SET.... CRAFT!!! - Stenciled banners

Today, I attended a Women's Retreat at a local Church!! We were treated to a wonderful brunch with lots of chatter and laughter. Then we were given a choice of classes to take. I chose the Pinterest class which was perfectly organized and suited for all skill levels. We made these wonderful banners along with two other crafts. My imagination was in overdrive. What a neat, simple idea for a gift!!  I'm making my Christmas list and this is going to be in a lot of gift bags!!!

The instructions are very simple:
     Cut a shape out of burlap fabric - Triangles are great too, but I loved this banner shape
     Using a stencil, create your letter on each burlap section with a foam brush,                            acrylic craft paint or a sharpie (other colors look fabulous also)     
     Allow the paint to dry (this takes only a few minutes)
     Cut a length of jute twine, enough to tie to something on each side
     Using hot glue, attach the twine to the back of each banner.

I wish I had taken pictures of each person's creations. There were so many wonderful ideas! Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

For the Love of a Makeover!! Sneak Preview

 FINALLY... my projects are coming to an end . I've been working on our soon to be new home for nearly 4 years. Yes, I know that is a long time, but I only work there in the late fall and late spring on weekends when the weather is beautiful. I wish I could put similar restrictions in place with my real job..something like..... "I'll only be at work on cold rainy days".... wonder what my employer would say? 

ANYWAY... back to my DIY progress. The picture above is just a tiny nook in my soon to be master bedroom. I imagined all sorts of wonderful ideas for this nook. I thought about a built in cabinet, or a lot of shelving, or a reading nook with a cozy chair... and I finally settled on something similar to what was there prior to my renovation. I didn't lack in imagination, just skills to build something elaborate. So I went with what I knew.

The chest of drawers is an upcycle. Originally, it was creme with gold trim and dark hardware. A good coat of kilz spray paint, then dry brushed with acrylic "patina" paint, and sanded, gave it a new life. I kept the tiny night stand too. It will fit perfectly in the room.

The shelf above the chest was there originally but no longer matched the room, so I painted it white and added 2 wooden shelf brackets from Goodwill. At $2 for 2, the brackets gave the shelf some character. 

This room is a beach themed room, so high above the shelf  in the nook's tip top corner where nothing fits, I upcycled another GW find. A shadowbox with a sand dollar inside. I painted the frame with acrylic paint "Turquoise", then sanded it for a distressed look.

The painting of the Nautilus shell was created in a wonderful painting class that I took from thepreppypossum  If you ever get a chance to take one of her classes, please do, you will not regret it.

The room was beautiful before I ever started this Makeover. It was my room growing up, then it was my mom and dad's room when we left home and finally it was my mom's room until the end. It was a tough makeover. The room had so much heart and soul and memories. But I was lucky to have two wonderful nieces that came to help with the "undoing" of it all. They even fixed a drink & snack and brought kleenex to me when I cried because I missed my mom. New memories were made with lots of giggles and hugs!

The floor and walls were the first to be completed. The walls were covered with brown paneling that had to be removed and years of soot build up behind the paneling that had to be cleaned before any paint could be applied. I used Kilz to cover any remaining soot residue and then a latex white paint to make the room shine!!! I used kilz on the floor also, then sanded it for a distressed look. I added 6 coats of a good sealer "Lowes Varathane"... I will never use anything else. It is the best non scratch slip slide dry quick sealer ever.  

I don't have a final picture yet. Curtains need to be hung, a rug on the floor and a new bed purchased and boxes unpacked before I can say it is complete. But does a true DIYer ever really finish??  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Painters Drop cloth to fabulous Curtain!!!

Wow... This is an incredible repurposed project that was almost "No Sew" which makes it perfect for even the beginning DIYer. My friend, Traci, redid her kitchen this past summer on a shoestring budget. Popcorn ceiling DOWN with the help of friends, a lot of dust and lots of giggles. Cabinets - REPAINTED. Hardware - REPLACED. Fixtures - REPLACED. All this was done while maintaining her budget. Table/Chairs and China cabinet that I was letting go of became her "new" kitchen furniture. It good to have friends that are getting rid of stuff, right?!?! With all that work, she couldn't let the windows go without adding her special touch. After much searching, she found a beautiful floral fabric for her kitchen window. She then decided on a heavier fabric for the window facing the street. A beautiful tan DROP ClOTH became the base fabric for this gorgeous curtain. By using strips of the printed fabric and white ribbon from the window above her sink, we attached the ribbon and fabric with iron on tape (we suggest the heaviest iron on tape possible to avoid having to sew). I think she pulled the room together flawlessly. (We are DIYers.... nothing is ever really flawless but we like to think so). Using conduit pipe and some connectors, she created a heavy duty curtain rod. Clips attached to rings made the curtains easy to hang. There was a little sewing involved, and a lot of drop cloth leftover for other projects. But the result is fabulous. A great idea that will add a lot of life to the kitchen. I can't wait to see what is next on her list!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Upcycled Wooden Pallet - Art with Heart

Wooden Pallet Art is one of the newest ways to upcycle something that normally we would not use. Wooden pallets are plentiful around here and with the help of a saw, hammer, nails, screws and a little sanding, we had some wonderful pallet panels to work on.  

How To:
We followed these steps to have the perfect boards to work on.
1 -  Sand the panel before you begin. Spray with a light coat of wood sealer, allow to dry completely.
2 - Sand lightly a second time to remove any additional rough spots. Now you are ready to begin. 
3 - Basecoat the panel with your favorite color. We used acrylic paint, but I have used pickling paint, stain, latex, etc. whatever we have on hand. Just put on a really nice even coat. Allow to dry.
4 - For a more distressed look, sand again before you add the design.
5 - Print out your favorite quote in the fonts that you like. Using graphite paper against the board, draw around each letter to transfer the quote to the board. Be patient and take your time.
6 - Remove the paper, your design should show lightly on your board.
7 - Using a paint marker (the color your words will be) outline each letter, allow to dry.
8 - Using acrylic paint and a small brush, fill in the letters, allow to dry completely.
9 - Seal with a spray sealer.
10-Add a hanger to the back for easy display.