Saturday, July 7, 2012

Drab to Fab - Lampshade Makeover

I love my lamps! BUT I get tired of the same boring shade. I don't like to buy new shades unless the old one is damaged or worn out  and since I seldom wear one on my head at a party they just don't get damaged or worn. What is a girl to do??? Well as you know, I LOVE pinterest and I was browsing along when I saw skirts used as lampshades. SKIRTS can be folded and stored. SKIRTS can be purchased in dozens of colors and styles. SKIRTS can be washed when dusty. SKIRTS can be purchased cheaply at GoodWill... and I scored two cute ones today. With a little thrifty shopping, I can have new shades every week!!! The smallest sizes with the elastic waistband work perfectly. Just pull them over the existing shade and you have a gorgeous new look to an old faithful lamp!!

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