Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Party

What a great idea to have a Pinterest Inspired Craft Night!!  This is our third party and one of the busiest! It took a little planning, but that is my favorite part! With access to Pinterest, planning anything is easy. I searched for ideas for a party theme, and then ideas for our projects. I chose a pink/orange/black food table theme and chose magnets, chalkboards, stepping stones and jewelry for our projects. We started at 6pm and finished around 10pm. We were exhausted and happy. Projects are almost complete, just need a few finishing touches to make them perfect.

Clear florist stones and scrapbook paper make beautiful magnets.
Washers (from the hardware store), scrapbook paper and diamond glaze were our tools for the Jewelry

 Cabinet Doors purchased from Habitat Restore were the base for our Chalkboard designs. Chalkboard paint, acrylic paint and little clay pots to hold chalk will make a beautiful finished project. We'll tie the pots on through the holes where the door handle was removed. A ribbon, some chalk in the pot and ta dahhhh... a beautiful project, well done.

 Stepping stones were our biggest project. We used preformed pavers and glued precut glass designs to the pavers, allowing the glue to dry before adding grout. Duct tape is used to make a clean edge. Can't wait to see these completely finished.

I used Seashell scrapbook paper for my magnets, but this is a perfect project to use old gift tags, photos, cards, etc.
Washer pendants was my favorite. I love the bright paper and colorful designs. Again, you can use any paper, magazines, scrapbook, cards, etc. Let your imagination run wild!! Just glue the paper to the washer, allow the glue to dry. Lightly sand the edges to show a hint of the metal. Then add diamond glaze to make the clear cover. TIP - Pop any bubbles in the diamond glaze with an old paint brush. Adding a second layer of diamond glaze will give your pendant a well rounded look.

We had to eat our vegies so we could use the clay pots in the next project! Love this idea
Mini Fruit pizzas were my favorite. Using individual cookies, cream cheese mixed with a smidge of lemon juice made the white cover, then add your favorite fruit. TIP - the cookies get soft pretty quickly, so use a really hard cookie, or serve them with a spatula. Next time, I'll put each cookie on a flattened cup cake holder.
 Cheese puffs in a bag were my inspiration for my color scheme!! TIP - Chips make the bag oily so don't make them too far in advance or line the bags with a bit of saran wrap if you are trying to keep things pretty.
Raspberries stuffed with white chocolate chips were the simpliest thing to make. Soooo easy.
These napkins say it all

Life is a bowl of cherries

 A Beautiful gift from one of the Pinterest Crafters. I'll enjoy this bloom all week.
And finally, my beautiful cookies made by Tammy from or Thanks Tammy, they were gone before the night was over.

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