Friday, June 1, 2012

How to make a front porch inviting!!

How do you make a front porch inviting?? Ask my sister!  I've tried so hard to make my front porch inviting, but I'm usually swatting at wasps or mosquitoes. And my chairs never quite seem comfortable so I've never been able to achieve this look, but I won't give up I promise. My sister, however,  has a knack for it. Everyone wants to sit on her porch. Everyone feels welcome there. The family pets find it to be the perfect retreat. Neighbors drop by for a visit and never reach the inside of the house, because the porch is so inviting. Plenty of chairs provide seating for everyone. Some chairs are castoffs, some are hand me downs and the mixture works well together. Can't you just see yourself sitting there with a hot cup of coffee? Maybe I should get her to decorate my porch for me!!

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