Thursday, May 31, 2012

My sister's home

This week, I'm focusing on my sister's home. She has the coziest house ever! I love her decorating style. Flea market finds, found objects, some new, some old. She combines all of it to make a house into a comfy home. Below is a picture of the mantle above her fireplace, which is located just off of the kitchen. Now when I decorate, I usually put my pretty stuff out and say "don't use that" or "that is for display only". Not my sister, the pieces on her mantle are functional, if she needs a candle, a bowl, or a pitcher, she just grabs it off of the mantle and it is ready for use. I love her style and I love her common sense when it comes to function and beauty!! Way to go sis!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting ready for our Pinterest Party!!! The table is set... oh not with food, with projects.  I can't wait until Friday. My friends are coming over for a Pinterest Party. It will be so much fun. We have several projects to complete. A stained glass stepping stone, washer jewelry, refrigerator magnets, and a chalkboard project. So many crafts and so little time!! I hope they are as excited as I am.... and yes, I'll have pinterest inspired refreshments also!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This moss made me Laugh

My sister has a way with plants. My sister also has a knack for making the prettiest potted plants ever which works in her favor because she owns a Greenhouse/Nursery. I commented on this beautiful potted moss, that was on her front porch. I immediately wanted to purchase one just like it for my porch. She just laughed and said that the nice round clumps of moss, just happened to be growing on top of their landscape fabric. She thought they were pretty so she pulled them up and placed them in an empty pot along with the "Laugh" rock. She said everyone has loved this look, maybe she should sell those next year!!  Either way, it so cute you have to smile when you see it!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Corner Brackets - A simple update.

Simple updates are sometimes the very best. I have this wide open doorway that connects our kitchen to the interior porch. That doorway needed just a tiny bit of spark added to it and these shelf brackets did the trick. Black metal brackets on sale at Hobby Lobby added just the touch of charm this entryway needed. The black metal matches our cast iron stove and gives the entire kitchen a warm and charming look, don't you think?!?