Friday, March 9, 2012

Vintage Doorstop

Way back when polyester was popular, we often received samples of clothing in the mail. I would make tiny doll quilts and clothing for my barbies.  I wonder if this is what this star is made of?  It is vintage, it is antique and it is hand sewn. I love it. I have made several similar to this, but none as beautiful or treasured as the original star.


Lynda said...

Hello! Do you happen to have a pattern/plans/tutorial for these? Several people in my crafting group have been looking for one, but we haven't had any luck yet. THanks so much, and it's absolutely beautiful!

Sally said...

Lynda, I don't have a pattern or tutorial, but I did make one of these. I cut a diamond shape pattern to begin with using old business cards. Then I loosely glued fabric around each individual diamond card. Taking 5 diamonds, I stitched them together by hand until I had a five petal diamond flower so to speak. I made 12 of those. I covered a button and put it in the center of each one. Once 12 flowers were complete, I begin stitching the flowers together to form the star. It really just sort of fits together like a puzzle once you get started. I hope this helps!!