Thursday, September 15, 2011

Painting and Sanding a floor!!

While renovating our old farmhouse, we have tried to bring all the hardwood floors out from under covers, you know... old carpet, old wax, etc. Most just needed a coat of paint or a nice sanding and a good finish. But this floor was the most difficult. Maybe I was tired of sanding, maybe I couldn't choose a color, or choose carpet. Either way this room was by far the most difficult to figure out. This was my bedroom when I was little. I remember going on vacation and coming home to new carpet and pink walls. We were suppose to get pink shag carpet, but my uncle, not knowing that little girls love pink, got a dark green and black carpet, not really very pretty for a little girls room, but it lasted nearly 40 years. Finally the carpet was pulled up to reveal a 1/2 painted floor. I could see lots of work ahead.
In the good old days, they painted around the edge of the room and placed pretty linoleum in the center of the room. Wonder what the linoleum looked like? I bet it was beautiful!

Paneling covered the walls. That was removed only to expose soot covered walls and a big hole that led to the chimney! This room was going to take a lot of elbow grease to get it clean. But we had tons of fun doing just that!!! After several attempts of removing the old dark floor paint, I just gave up. I think deep down, I wanted to lighten this floor, so I broke out the paintbrush and white paint.

I decided to paint the floor with Kilz primer, just a light coat, then I sanded it lightly just to revealed the wood grain. I LOVED IT. Kind of a beach washed look, don't you think.
Here's a close up of the floor and if you look at the photo above you can see the newly white painted walls.

Next I'll cover the entire floor with a good sealer, add some baseboards and do some touching up!  Hopefully, I can check this room off my list soon. Watch for more pics!!!

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