Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mailbox with Memories, Ideas and Storage

If you want something special in your yard, try this. My mom placed a mailbox near the old woodshed. Inside is a notepad and pencil in a plastic bag. She would leave notes for her grandchildren,  write down her thoughts or leave a surprise for someone, etc. When I inherited the home place, I kept that tradition going. When I'm working outside, I take time to occasionally open the mailbox and write a note with the date on it. It is fun to look back and read some of our thoughts. The children are old enough to write notes also, and occasionally they surprise me. This is also the perfect place to keep a garden journal, or garden tools, etc. A large recycled mailbox is perfect for keeping the tools you need on hand for small projects, packets of seeds and more. Use your imagination!!! What would you store?? 

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