Monday, August 15, 2011

Hidden Cabinet door

I love mysteries.... you know the kind with a bookcase that is a door, or a house with a hidden staircase, a picture of a person whose eyes follow you.. OK, maybe not the picture with eyes that follow you. That does freak me out. But I love things that aren't really what they seem. 

Living in an old Farmhouse, things were built to fit in, not necessarily for beauty.  Look at the picture below, there are two beautiful paintings, one by my brother, one by my sister. I wanted to display them near each other. SOOOOOOOOO, I removed a tiny cabinet door and replaced it with my sister's painting of old ball jars. Scroll down to see the pic with the door closed and then open....... now if I can find a place to put a bookcase over an existing door, I'll have another perfect hideaway. 

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