Monday, August 1, 2011

Art in the Garden

Whew!!! Summertime!!! We have been busy, busy, busy. So much to do in the yard and garden that we barely find time to do any crafty projects. I reminded myself that I've neglected the blog, and I was trying to focus on something artsy while working in the garden and then it dawned on me... I can use the garden. My DIY projects not only flow throughout the house, they flow into the yard, garden, driveway and sometimes down the road. So this week I'm going to share some of the projects we have worked on outside. 

The project above is a great recycled project. The lattice work is from a building that had been updated. Since this photo was taken, I've added additional lattice on each side of the corner cucumber vine to give it a place to climb. A saw blade, a horseshoe and a metal sunshine were pulled out of hiding to dress up the garden. The garden itself is pretty much a first. Flowers were planted here that really weren't doing very well, but the vegies like this spot. Hopefully the zucchini and cucumber won't overrun the area. Stayed tuned for more garden updates!!

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