Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick Curtain - Quick Fix

I always tell everyone to think outside the box, use your imagination, be creative.  Use the unexpected!!  Give an item a new purpose. Sometimes I forget to use my own advice. When decorating a tiny bathroom, I didn't want to spend a lot (any) money on a curtain, so I used what I had on hand. The bathroom is decorated in a nautical theme (all items that were elsewhere in the house), and a plain curtain just didn't hold any appeal for me. Neither did a dark curtain. Neither did a colorful curtain.  Nor ruffles, nor fullness... nothing seemed to work. So to give myself time to think about the perfect curtain, I used a nice large towel with a great seashell design and pretty striped edge. It was a perfect fit and a year later, it is still working well. It lets in light, doesn't distract from the rest of the bathroom and is easy to remove and clean... AND if I forget to place fresh bath towels in the bathroom.... it works in a pinch!!

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