Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting ready for the County Fair!

One of our FAVORITE things to do, is to go to the Fair in the fall. Always held the first week of October, the fair is a wonderful event that I've grown to love. My coworker and I count down the days, she watches the train come in and unload all the rides. I make crafts to enter into the hobbycraft contests, my sister-in-law bakes to enter in the food contests. There are rides, petting zoos, antique displays, food contests, displays of cakes, canned goods, crafts, projects,  and so much more. Each year my sis-in-law opens what we refer to as the craft sweat shop a week prior to the Fair. Her kids work on all their entries and successfully finish most of them. Crafty little things.... This year, she gave them full responsibility to make their own lists, create their own crafts and officially closed the sweat shop. Secretly, I think she knew what would happen. The kids brought their lists and their ideas to their oh so crafty aunt..... me.....Sewing is a biggie on the list... with a pillow, a purse, and a stuffed animal for Abby. Last year, we created our own pattern for a platypus... that's right a platypus, web footed and duck billed. We cut out a pattern and made a trial design, corrected our mistakes and then Abby made the second platypus all by herself. It won a ribbon.  Who wouldn't give a ribbon to someone creative enough to make a stuffed platypus....Her younger brother was very impressed. So impressed that he wants to make a pattern for a Tasmanian Devil stuffed toy... not the looney toons TAZ... but the real true Tasmanian Devil.... Check back with us in October to see if we win a Ribbon!!!

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