Friday, June 24, 2011

So much to paint, so little time!! Doors and Floors!!

While working on a tiny interior porch of the old Farmhouse, we discovered a beautiful wooden floor beneath a layer of carpet, linoleum and plywood subflooring. After sanding it for about a week, and using a million pieces of sandpaper, it was ready for color to be added.  I had decided to stain each board a different color. This would match the existing artwork on a nearby door that my sister had painted as a child.  The floor was simple to paint/stain and I completed that with the help of my two young nieces! With lots of giggles and questions like "what color is this board suppose to be?" we worked tirelessly and ate lots of chocolate until we were satisfied with our work.  The newly painted floor blended nicely with the old painted door. The result was fabulous!! Click on porch makeover to read more!

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