Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Making memories!

One of the most difficult and yet rewarding tasks for me to complete, has involved renovating my old homeplace. Renovating/redecorating... changing things.... means putting aside things that my parents (and their parents) created, and re-creating it to be my own. I will be the third generation to live in this 1920s farmhouse. My husband and I have the task of sorting through all the belongings that were "left behind" and that in itself has been overwhelming at times, joyous and sad, sometimes prompting tears and sometimes laughter. My mom left notes everywhere, for everyone, and we have taken our time in searching for all of them. So many memories to sort through and lessons yet to be learned.  If nothing else, I've learned how precious a note from a loved one can be... Write one, put it in a favorite book, or a special cup, anywhere that you know they will look someday. It will be so appreciated.

Shelves of books keep me entertained, mementos hidden in tiny nooks and crannies spark my interest and the barns.... oh the barns are filled with so many "future" craft projects. Quilts, pillows, pictures, and more fill the walls, chairs, baskets, and it has been a challenge to determine what to keep and what to let go of. Each time I think I have finished a room, I go back and add just one more thing... decorating, I've decided, is like  breathing... I just can't stop doing it...It is a part of me, as natural as the earth around me.  I need to create, decorate, renovate, change and grow while holding the past near and dear to my heart, yet embracing the uncertainty of the future.

This blog lets me express myself. I hope you can find some inspiration from some of the projects, pictures and posts. I appreciate the ability to be able to share some of my favorite passions with you while I make my trip down memory lane and pave a path to the future. 

Thanks for walking along with me.

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