Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ladder Repurposed from Habitat Restore!!

When you search my list of favorite places to shop, you'll find Habitat Restore, GoodWill and local Thrift stores at the top of the list. By doing business with them, not only do I find great treasures at great prices, but the money is put back into the community to help others. What better reason to shop and an even better reason to buy something. You are helping others.....and you get great deals, like the ladder below. This was a Habitat Restore find. I gratefully paid the $5 for the ladder, shoved it into my car and thought about what in the world I could do with it. Two cans of aqua blue paint later, I have a wonderful, perfect, unique, tall plant stand. I used a wrought iron mat on the bottom rungs to create a sort of shelf, then I placed my smaller plants on top. The other rungs are perfect for holding a spray bottle to mist the plants occasionally. I love this little ladder and I've already rescued another one that will eventually become a book shelf!!

TIP - Take your time when you are shopping for used items. Make sure the item is sturdy and requires little or no work to "fix it up."  I've been disappointed to get home with a "great" item only to find that it requires too much repair work to make it worthwhile. So be patient!! The perfect item is waiting for you!

Happy Hunting!!!

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