Monday, June 27, 2011

Faux Tin Ceiling

I love the look of tin... it is rustic, ancient, tells a story and I like that. Unfortuately I don't have an endless supply of tin and sometimes I have to make different choices to achieve the look that I desire. This said, I fell in love with the plastic backsplash material at the local Home Improvement store. This was not cheap but not too expensive, and worth every penny. I have a tiny, tiny full bath with a tiny, tiny ceiling and I wanted that ceiling to have that wonderful metal look. Enter 6 pieces of Faux Tin. You can cut it with scissors and apply it with double sided tape.  Being able to cut it with scissors was wonderful, because this old farmhouse doesn't have one corner that is perfectly squared, everything is slightly askew, but that just makes it all the more loveable. It is perfectly imperfect, just like me. Anyway, I was able to make the faux tin fit almost perfectly... all by myself. I give this product an A+... anyone can install it... just take your time and measure, measure, measure. Although I used the recommended double sided tape to attach it to the ceiling, I added some nails just to make sure it didn't fall on anyone. No one likes to be startled by falling faux tin in the bathroom. This has been one of my favorite makeovers so far.

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