Sunday, June 26, 2011

Faux Tin Backsplash!

While redecorating the Old Farmhouse, we have been careful to salvage whatever we can. One thing we agreed to keep is the old green formica counter top with its metal band. It is Vintage. It is Retro. It is Antique. It is Beautiful.  It has been in this house as long as I can remember. In our old black and white photos, there it is, a shiny band of silver trimming the edge of a busy kitchen counter space. We love it. So we are keeping it. But the kitchen definitely needed some updating, something to bring it all together. I loved the look of tin, but couldn't afford it. So... the search was on for a faux metal backsplash. At a local home improvement store, I purchased  paintable embossed wall paper. It is easy to cut, easy to measure, and easy to apply/install. After allowing it to dry properly, I got out my paint and brush and within 30 minutes had a faux tin backsplace for the kitchen.  I chose a silver paint to compliment the silver band and I love the result. I applied a sealer later to ensure that it would clean easily. I couldn't be happier with the results! We added a retro straw holder and found the wonderful glass canister set at Goodwill. The overall total for updating the backsplash, including wall paper, paint and brushes AND the cannister set..... less than $20.... and I have lots of paper left over that can be used on other projects.

TIP - When applying wall paper, take your time and measure carefully. You'll thank yourself when it goes on the wall and is a perfect fit.

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bluehydrangea said...

Love your backsplash and your blog!! It's funny because in your post today you had a link for a tree stump table and I am working on one myself right now!! I am on my way out but will e-mail you later with the booth info!!!