Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chalkboard Door

I finally finished a project that I am excited to share. This simple change has added so much personality to our dining room with very little investment. A can of Chalkboard paint, a drawer pull (turned upside down to hold the chalk) and some elbow grease and Ta Dah!!! I have an updated door that I can use to express myself.

I taped out the chalkboard area and patiently painted two coats of Chalkboard paint and let it "cure" as directed. It is an easy fix for any flat surface. Just take your time and follow the directions. I am definitely going to use this paint on other projects!

While the paint cured, I searched for a way to display the chalk and found the perfect DIY solution. A simple drawer pull turned upside down holds the chalk nicely. I'll probably add another one to the back of the door to hold an eraser, but a damp papertowel cleans the chalkboard nicely also!

All in all, this is one of my favorite and easiest projects. What a great place to display your favorite recipe, an important message or the menu for the day. And a little paint goes a long way, so share it with a friend or complete several projects with a small can of paint. Let you imagination run away with you!!

Happy Painting!!

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