Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finding Inspiration

I love the internet. I feel like I have this huge library that I can find anything, diy projects, recipes, beautiful makeovers, and more. Way back when, before the internet, my access to DIY projects was limited to my own ideas or to the occasional project featured in a magazine or possibly a pattern from the local fabric store. Today, I have access to a zillion ideas each day and I know that I can complete every single project!!! Ok... maybe not every project, but I can at least attempt a few and daydream about the rest. Who would have thought to use old decanters as light fixtures, or an old screen door as a pantry entry, even old windows to create a greenhouse or a fence. Small or large, the projects are endless and the information is just a few clicks away!!  Enjoy some of my favorites!! Beware, these are addictive!!
Censational Girl - Outdoor Bliss 

Thrifty and chic - Wooden Stump coffee Table

The Shabby Chic Cottage - Check out Transformation Thursday

The Art of Doing Stuff

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tin Foil Nightstand

Oh... how I adore creative people.  You have to see this. Over at  Vintage Revivals - Tin Foil Nightstand you can see that foil isn't just for cooking or storage. You can create a gorgeous piece of furniture with foil, some mod podge, add your favorite antiquing glaze to age the piece and TA DAHHHHHH... you will be the envy of everyone.  I have to try this. I love a vintage look, so keep watching to see what I create with my own foil.  Thanks Vintage Revivals... this is an awesome project!

Vintage Revivals - Tin Foil Nightstand

Monday, June 27, 2011

Faux Tin Ceiling

I love the look of tin... it is rustic, ancient, tells a story and I like that. Unfortuately I don't have an endless supply of tin and sometimes I have to make different choices to achieve the look that I desire. This said, I fell in love with the plastic backsplash material at the local Home Improvement store. This was not cheap but not too expensive, and worth every penny. I have a tiny, tiny full bath with a tiny, tiny ceiling and I wanted that ceiling to have that wonderful metal look. Enter 6 pieces of Faux Tin. You can cut it with scissors and apply it with double sided tape.  Being able to cut it with scissors was wonderful, because this old farmhouse doesn't have one corner that is perfectly squared, everything is slightly askew, but that just makes it all the more loveable. It is perfectly imperfect, just like me. Anyway, I was able to make the faux tin fit almost perfectly... all by myself. I give this product an A+... anyone can install it... just take your time and measure, measure, measure. Although I used the recommended double sided tape to attach it to the ceiling, I added some nails just to make sure it didn't fall on anyone. No one likes to be startled by falling faux tin in the bathroom. This has been one of my favorite makeovers so far.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Faux Tin Backsplash!

While redecorating the Old Farmhouse, we have been careful to salvage whatever we can. One thing we agreed to keep is the old green formica counter top with its metal band. It is Vintage. It is Retro. It is Antique. It is Beautiful.  It has been in this house as long as I can remember. In our old black and white photos, there it is, a shiny band of silver trimming the edge of a busy kitchen counter space. We love it. So we are keeping it. But the kitchen definitely needed some updating, something to bring it all together. I loved the look of tin, but couldn't afford it. So... the search was on for a faux metal backsplash. At a local home improvement store, I purchased  paintable embossed wall paper. It is easy to cut, easy to measure, and easy to apply/install. After allowing it to dry properly, I got out my paint and brush and within 30 minutes had a faux tin backsplace for the kitchen.  I chose a silver paint to compliment the silver band and I love the result. I applied a sealer later to ensure that it would clean easily. I couldn't be happier with the results! We added a retro straw holder and found the wonderful glass canister set at Goodwill. The overall total for updating the backsplash, including wall paper, paint and brushes AND the cannister set..... less than $20.... and I have lots of paper left over that can be used on other projects.

TIP - When applying wall paper, take your time and measure carefully. You'll thank yourself when it goes on the wall and is a perfect fit.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ladder Repurposed from Habitat Restore!!

When you search my list of favorite places to shop, you'll find Habitat Restore, GoodWill and local Thrift stores at the top of the list. By doing business with them, not only do I find great treasures at great prices, but the money is put back into the community to help others. What better reason to shop and an even better reason to buy something. You are helping others.....and you get great deals, like the ladder below. This was a Habitat Restore find. I gratefully paid the $5 for the ladder, shoved it into my car and thought about what in the world I could do with it. Two cans of aqua blue paint later, I have a wonderful, perfect, unique, tall plant stand. I used a wrought iron mat on the bottom rungs to create a sort of shelf, then I placed my smaller plants on top. The other rungs are perfect for holding a spray bottle to mist the plants occasionally. I love this little ladder and I've already rescued another one that will eventually become a book shelf!!

TIP - Take your time when you are shopping for used items. Make sure the item is sturdy and requires little or no work to "fix it up."  I've been disappointed to get home with a "great" item only to find that it requires too much repair work to make it worthwhile. So be patient!! The perfect item is waiting for you!

Happy Hunting!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

So much to paint, so little time!! Doors and Floors!!

While working on a tiny interior porch of the old Farmhouse, we discovered a beautiful wooden floor beneath a layer of carpet, linoleum and plywood subflooring. After sanding it for about a week, and using a million pieces of sandpaper, it was ready for color to be added.  I had decided to stain each board a different color. This would match the existing artwork on a nearby door that my sister had painted as a child.  The floor was simple to paint/stain and I completed that with the help of my two young nieces! With lots of giggles and questions like "what color is this board suppose to be?" we worked tirelessly and ate lots of chocolate until we were satisfied with our work.  The newly painted floor blended nicely with the old painted door. The result was fabulous!! Click on porch makeover to read more!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chalkboard Door

I finally finished a project that I am excited to share. This simple change has added so much personality to our dining room with very little investment. A can of Chalkboard paint, a drawer pull (turned upside down to hold the chalk) and some elbow grease and Ta Dah!!! I have an updated door that I can use to express myself.

I taped out the chalkboard area and patiently painted two coats of Chalkboard paint and let it "cure" as directed. It is an easy fix for any flat surface. Just take your time and follow the directions. I am definitely going to use this paint on other projects!

While the paint cured, I searched for a way to display the chalk and found the perfect DIY solution. A simple drawer pull turned upside down holds the chalk nicely. I'll probably add another one to the back of the door to hold an eraser, but a damp papertowel cleans the chalkboard nicely also!

All in all, this is one of my favorite and easiest projects. What a great place to display your favorite recipe, an important message or the menu for the day. And a little paint goes a long way, so share it with a friend or complete several projects with a small can of paint. Let you imagination run away with you!!

Happy Painting!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Making memories!

One of the most difficult and yet rewarding tasks for me to complete, has involved renovating my old homeplace. Renovating/redecorating... changing things.... means putting aside things that my parents (and their parents) created, and re-creating it to be my own. I will be the third generation to live in this 1920s farmhouse. My husband and I have the task of sorting through all the belongings that were "left behind" and that in itself has been overwhelming at times, joyous and sad, sometimes prompting tears and sometimes laughter. My mom left notes everywhere, for everyone, and we have taken our time in searching for all of them. So many memories to sort through and lessons yet to be learned.  If nothing else, I've learned how precious a note from a loved one can be... Write one, put it in a favorite book, or a special cup, anywhere that you know they will look someday. It will be so appreciated.

Shelves of books keep me entertained, mementos hidden in tiny nooks and crannies spark my interest and the barns.... oh the barns are filled with so many "future" craft projects. Quilts, pillows, pictures, and more fill the walls, chairs, baskets, and it has been a challenge to determine what to keep and what to let go of. Each time I think I have finished a room, I go back and add just one more thing... decorating, I've decided, is like  breathing... I just can't stop doing it...It is a part of me, as natural as the earth around me.  I need to create, decorate, renovate, change and grow while holding the past near and dear to my heart, yet embracing the uncertainty of the future.

This blog lets me express myself. I hope you can find some inspiration from some of the projects, pictures and posts. I appreciate the ability to be able to share some of my favorite passions with you while I make my trip down memory lane and pave a path to the future. 

Thanks for walking along with me.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shutters recycled

This is another store display project. Using two very tall shutters, the owner framed out a nice cabinet, then added shelves to nicely display pottery.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Unique Jewelry Display!

This cute jewelry display was set up in an Ice Cream Shop/Gift Shop!!  Earrings are easily displayed on the Shutter propped against the wall. Necklaces and bracelets are suspended from tree branches in an Old Milk Can. The picket fence brings the look together to create a country theme!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Koi Pond Table

This table is another Yard Sale Rescue!!  The table was in great condition and only needed a little paint. I used white Kilz primer to coat the table, then sanded it down. Using acrylic paint, I created the rock pond. One of my great art books had the pattern for the fish and pond flowers and water circles. I used watercolor pencils to draw my design on the table, then covered the marks with acrylic paint. Finally, I sealed the entire piece with a clear satin finish!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jewelry Display

When you make jewelry (and crafts) you eventually find yourself consigning in a store somewhere. For a short time, I was lucky enough to be involved in decorating in one of those stores. This jewelry display is one of my favorites. The boxes were throw aways, the windows were stored in a closet. With some black paint and a lot of elbow grease, those found items made a beautiful display for the jewelry.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Window Pane Menu

During a visit to an Ice Cream Shop/Gift store, I saw this great menu display. The window was suspended from the ceiling above the icecream counter. The information could easily be changed. What a great idea!!! The ice cream was great too!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bottle Tree - A Southern Tradition

Placing empty glass bottles in the garden as a way to trap evil spirits is a Southern tradition. These days, a bottle tree is also a way to remember a special celebration or add sparkling color to a quiet spot in the garden. This bottle tree was created by a friend of mine!! I love the vibrant colors and I think this would be perfect to help attract hummingbirds and butterflies!!
Great job Lisa!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

DIY - Clothespins and Buckets!!

I love the idea of growing my favorite herbs, but I really want them near the kitchen and this idea is perfect for that. Click here to find instructions and even more ideas!

Friday, June 3, 2011

DIY - Vintage Containers!!

Follow this link to see more Vintage Containers

Vintage Containers

DIY - Window Wall

Another awesome DIY project! This adorable Window Wall is the perfect way to enhance a porch. I have the windows just patiently waiting. Now what color do I want to paint my porch???

Window Wall

Thursday, June 2, 2011

DIY - Checkerboard Patio

This is another awesome DIY project!!!  I see this somewhere in my future!! This Checkerboard patio is a perfect conversation piece!! Click Checkerboard patio to see the complete instructions!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chicken Tractor or a day at the Spa!!

My sister-in-law raises chickens. Since her little farm is trying become as self sufficient as possible, everyone has to pitch in to maintain the garden. So my brother built a chicken tractor (or a chicken spa). Now the "girls" can get out of the house for a while and help work the garden. Michelle simply moves the tractor over the garden spot that needs to be weeded and debugged. The "girls" are happy, Michelle is happy, the bugs and weeds are not so happy...

This is Moe. His job is security. He is patiently watching the chickens to make sure everyone is doing their job!