Friday, May 13, 2011

Underwater Scene - Chest of Drawers!

This is a rescue from my childhood. It has moved with me year after year, from place to place, finally finding a home in my nautical themed bathroom. This small chest of drawers needed only a coat of primer, two basecoats of a light sandy color and a nice design. I chose the underwater theme after finding a similar picture in a child's coloring book.
Using graphite paper, I traced the design onto the drawers and then begin to "color" in the designs. It took a while and I had to be patient, but I like the results. The bubbles near the bottom were fun and I even made a few of the drawer pulls look like bubbles. I sealed the chest with 2 coats of clear sealer. 

I  hope to do this design again on something else..... what can I do next???

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