Friday, May 6, 2011

Painted Butterfly Stepping Stone

This gorgeous stone was painted by Abby (age 10). Pretty cool, huh?!?!  It took a little patience and a couple of days to fully complete this, but the results are awesome.
We drew the design with a black sharpie, right onto the paver surface. You could make a paper pattern to draw around, but we both are impatient and wanted immediate results, so it isn't perfect. Next, Abby painted the outer edges of the stone black, leaving the butterfly design blank. While each color dried, we would work on other things, like eating chocolate, watering flowers, talking, eating more chocolate. One by one, she added the colors, allowing each to dry, before adding the next. We used Patio Paints which are self sealing. So once the design was dry, it went straight into her garden.
Awesome job, Abby... now where is all my chocolate?!?!?

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