Friday, May 13, 2011

Geraniums, Hummingbirds and RePurposed Furniture!

I love flowers, especially geraniums. They remind me of summer breezes and warm sunshine. So it made sense to add a geranium design to some of my own furniture pieces.

This child's rocker was painted black, then dry brushed with a soft green paint, which gave it a slightly distressed look without all the sanding.  Then I used four colors, red mixed with white to create geranium blooms and Olive Green and a darker green to create the leaves.

This chair was already black, and I left it that way except for the seat which I painted green, then dry brushed it with black. Next I added the geraniums and hummingbird. I used a stencil to draw the outline of my hummingbird making it easier to get the correct size. 
This little side table is perfect for a porch. It was sprayed primed with white KILZ, then lightly sanded. I painted the top green and dry brushed with white paint. Again, I used a stencil to help correctly size my hummingbird. You could do the same with the geraniums!

So, it was another successful day as more furntiure was rescued and renewed!!  Although my house is getting slightly full!!

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