Sunday, May 15, 2011

DIY - Potting Bench

What do you get when you combine a $3 shelf, a window pane, a lonely Aunt, her crafty niece, and a long afternoon!!  Well just look at the pic below and you'll see!!! The perfect potting bench!

An early morning phone call led me to a great yard sale. This little shelf immediately caught my eye. I knew it was the perfect base for a potting bench.

I already had this window, just patiently waiting in a barn. Finally, it's day has arrived. After removing the glass panes (there were only 3 and we broke one of those), and scraping off some peeling paint, it was ready to attach to the shelf.

We found old and new brackets in the "miscellaneous drawer"  (you know the drawer that catches everything), along with some screwdrivers and a drill and we were ready to create a masterpiece.

Once the window pane was attached, we moved the entire piece to the barn and started searching for "decorative accessories"

This rake made the perfect tool organizer

Abby found this wonderful old horse that had fallen from a weathervane. It makes the perfect addition to my potting bench.

The result is an awesome potting bench created for under $5, but I consider it priceless. Thank you Abby for a wonderful afternoon!! You are the real treasure!

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