Tuesday, April 5, 2011


WELCOME to my newly Painted Porch!!

This was a fun project and very inexpensive. Thanks to inexpensive oops! Paint from Home Depot (oops paint is usually $5 per Gallon and returned by someone that didn't like the color) I was able to complete the porch floor and rocking chairs for under $20. Fortunately I loved the oops! colors.
This project required:

     1 gallon oops! paint in tan exterior

     1 gallon oops! paint in barn red exterior

     Painters tape

     Paint brushes small and large

     Folk art Patio Paint in desired colors

First,  I painted the porch with 3 coats of Exterior Deck paint. I still had oops! paint leftover!

After allowing the porch to dry thoroughly, I taped out a rectangle design with painter's tape and painted the outline of my door mat!

I added the geranium design and the word "Welcome".  I'm kind of crafty so I painted my design freehand, but an inexpensive stencil would work perfectly to create a great design also!!

Remember, if you mess up... it's just paint, so paint over it and try again!!

I brush painted the rocking chairs Barn Red. A time saving tip here: If you can spray paint a chair, it is so much easier than applying paint with a brush! This took a lot of time because I brushed on the paint. It took several coats of the red and it turned a nice brick rusty orange red, but I like it!!

Next I'll add potted summer flowers that can handle the afternoon sun. And finally, I'll rock away on my newly painted porch while the sunset paints the evening sky!!

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