Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Step" into a Summer Garden with Stepping Stones!!

Stepping Stones are a wonderful addition to any garden! Since I don't really have a Green Thumb, I needed something that would brighten my garden and didn't require watering!!

Because I have a passion for Stained Glass, (which means lots of Stained glass scraps), it seemed reasonable to use the scraps along with newly cut pieces to create some really fun Stones!!

I also used Florist Stones which can be purchase at most Craft Stores, some Elmer's Glue and a design cut from glass. I did cut my own glass but pre cut glass designs can be purchased at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or online from Etsy or Ebay.

These projects required:
A paver (purchased from Lowe's or Home Depot)
A precut glass design or one you create
Extra pieces of glass or small tiles to fill in around the design
Elmer's Glue
Duct Tape
Sanded Grout
Sponge and/or papertowels
Lots of patience!!

Using Elmer's glue, attach your glass pieces to the pre-formed paver, leaving spaces in between each piece for the grout. Allow glue to set and dry.

Add Duct tape around the edge of the stone to create an edge when adding grout. Remove tape after the grout dries completely.

Mix a small amount of grout and spread over the entire design, pushing into the spaces between each glass piece. Notice how there are spaces between the flower petals!! Grout needs to go in those spaces!!

Finally, clear out the extra grout, and begin cleaning the glass with a sponge and papertowels. This will take some patience, so take your time. The results will be worth it.

For extra protection add grout sealer to the finished piece. This will ensure a long life in your garden!!

Now Enjoy your carefree garden!!

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