Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bathroom Makeovers can be FUN!!

This was a fun project!!! Bathrooms can be boring, so I wanted a fun beachy theme to brighten up this small room.

I started with a fresh coat of white paint from the ceiling down, then from the baseboards up I painted a sandy color to meet the white color letting both colors dry completely. To create the horizion, I used painters tape for a nice staight edge, and painted a  blue color about 12 inches in width around the room. Where the sand and water meet, I dipped a sponge into paint and created a foamy wave all the way around the room.

Painted details are a whale's tail splashing into the ocean and a ship in the distance, some grass in the sand and even a bottle with a note (you can't see it in this pic). I also decorated with sand buckets which are very handy for extra storage.

This Cabinet is a repurposed Kitchen cabinet postioned on two fence posts and attached to the wall. I started with a base coat of mint green, then a coat of crackle medium, and finally a heavy coat of white paint. Once the white paint started to dry the crackle medium went to work creating a beautiful cracked finish. This cabinet is wonderful for holding all our towels and extra supplies!

Tip: A heavy top coat will create large cracks, a nice even light coat will create tiny cracks!!

Next I really went crazy with details!!  I added a tiny chest of drawers with a sunken ship scene. On the wall I added an umbrella and sand bucket.

Finally, the project was complete when my hubby made a beautiful wooden top for the sink. We painted the wood blue and sanded and repainted and resanded until it was exactly what we wanted. Next we added a coat of Marine varnish, sanded and recoated again for a durable finish.  You can only see a corner of it here, but it is probably the most beautiful thing in the entire room! It gets lots of compliments. 

Remember, there are lots of wonderful stencils that can help you create the perfect mural or just add a touch of whimsy to a room. Don't be afraid to try, it's just paint and you can easily paint over any mistakes!! Have fun redecorating!!

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