Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Perfect Valentine Tree!!

Here it is, as promised, the PERFECT Valentine Tree! Complete with presents beneath it and soft fuzzy hearts, lots of lights and decorated with Valentine ornaments! I can't wait to collect more of those.

For those of you who haven't had a chance to visit Nonpareil -Handcrafted Gifts in Winston-Salem, are missing a delightful treat. Two small rooms are crammed full of an assortment of Holiday decor, unique handcrafted items, recipes in a Jar and so much more. Today I added A-Z Art Jewelry, created by Abby and Zoe, two young girls that just LOVE to make earrings! If you get a chance, please drop by and see all the gift items... AND definitely ask about Lisa's items, you'll LOVE her bottlecap earrings, adorable gift tags, and her assortment of "gifts from the heart".

In the meantime, Happy Creating!!! I have to start crocheting Easter Eggs!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


The Perfect Valentine Tree!?!?!?!

As you can see..... I'm ready for another holiday. I was soooo disappointed at having to remove my Christmas tree, that I procrastinated, and finally the perfect idea came to me...... WHY NOT HAVE A VALENTINE TREE?

My sister caught the decorating fever and found the perfect 4 foot white (leftover Christmas) Tree and my brother just happened to have multicolored lights on a white cord, that he had purchased mistakenly. After rummaging through my Christmas items, I found the perfect ornaments and added them to the tree. There are glass strawberries dipped in chocolate, pink and red cloth strawberries and of course glass hearts!

And what tree would be complete without presents??? Not mine!!!! Of course, gifts are under the tree, carefully wrapped in White paper with red bows!! A wine bottle with lights complete with a romantic phrase attached to it (a gift from a crafty friend) sits near the base of the tree.

Family and friends have really enjoyed or at least tolerated having to see my tree!! And for all those men out there... I'll have you know that my husband never uttered one complaint as he patiently adjusted the lights to make them look perfect! AND he has it twinkling everyday when I come home from work. I'm sure there is a gift under there for him!!

Although a Valentine Tree may not be for everyone, it certainly brightens up our house!! And made my holiday spirit last a little longer. So to everyone, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Creating... and stay tuned for my Easter Tree!!!