Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Located in Meadowbrook Mall, in Clemmons, NC Located on Vest Mill Road in Winston Salem, NC

As you all know (and some that don't know) Christmas is one of my very favorite seasons! The lights, the sounds, the traditions, all keep my heart close to home!! But my favorite part of Christmas is the unending list of Art & Craft Shows that appeal to my creative side! All year long, my basement studio is filled with preparations for the Holiday seasons. Baskets and boxes filled with the basic "crafty ingredients" to make beautiful ornaments, beaded angels, painted gourds, tiny Moravian Star earrings, and of course lots of fused glass jewelry!

Each Season brings a favorite craft to the front of the assembly line. Spring and summer are dedicated to fine fused glass windchimes, stained glass stepping stones, wine bottles chimes, bright colorful fused glass jewelry, with themes like palm trees and flamingos, tote bags with flip flops appliqued to the front, and waterhose wreaths! Fall puts me in the spirit for Halloween and Turkeys... always a favorite when decorating my painted lightbulbs!!! But Christmas..... ah, sweet Christmas... so many ideas, so little time....

I can't begin to tell about all the things I have created for Christmas this year... Panda themed ornaments, lighthouse ornaments, tiny Santa bulbs, Christmas jewelry, Moravian Star jewelry, of course more painted lightbulbs, but my favorite, my most favorite by far, has been this delightful Grinch Gourd... I took his photo while he hid in my tree. I think this will be my inspiration for my Christmas Card for next year... I hope you all enjoy his smile as much as I enjoy creating him!! Merry Christmas!!

These beautiful ornaments are painted by my cousin Tammy... you can find them at All Things Handcrafted in Clemmons, NC... (except for the tiny Grinch, he came home with me)

These are a few of my "favorite things!"
This Little Gingerbread Gourd is probably my very favorite.. Also painted by my cousin Tammy. You can find her on Ebay and Etsy. It is soooo tiny and full of detail!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

NONPAREIL - A new shop in Town!!

What does Nonpareil Mean (and how do you say it)!? "Non-puh-rel" means having no equal, peerless. That says it all!

What is Nonpareil?
Nonpareil is a locally owned store that offers handcrafted items that are made by local crafters and artisans. Nonpareil has an fantastic array of gifts and accessories from many talented people.

Visit, Email or Call Nonpareil!
3560 Vest Mill Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Decorated for Christmas and filled with Cheer, this tiny shop is ready for the Holidays!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween on Display!

Only a few more days before the Spookiest Day of the Year arrives. Enjoy our hand crafted Halloween Corner of the store.
Beautiful Pine Needle Baskets, Hand painted ornaments, Delightful Gourds and more!!!
Create your own spooky display!!
Find the perfect Tree Limb and spray paint it black! Use a vase, bowl or whatever display you prefer and fill with Plaster of Paris!! Stick the tree limb in the fresh mixture and hold it steady for a few minutes until the mixture sets up!! You now have a perfect Spooky Tree!!

Jewelry Display at All Things Handcrafted, Clemmons, NC

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that someone special? Then visit All Things Handcrafted, where you can find unique hand crafted jewelry, art, pottery and more.
Our jewelry displays are filled with Fused Glass Jewelry, Glass Beaded Jewelry, Silver, Clay, Wire-wrapped and more! Each artist has created his/her own style and filled the shelves for holiday shopping. Custom orders are available!
We are also offering classes on Jewelry Making!
Classes will be announced each week on our website, blog and in the store! Call 336-766-9355 for additional information.
If you have something you would like to teach, please contact us!! We encourage everyone to join the fun and become a part of our Artsy Family!!!

All Things Handcrafted

Welcome to All Things Handcrafted! Clemmons Best Kept Secret!!!

Our beautiful Brick & Mortar Store is located at 6000 Meadowbrook Mall in Clemmons, NC. For directions, contact Jody at 336-766-9355.
Visit our website at

Drop by to visit us! With creations by more that 40 local Artists and Crafters, you are sure to find something you will enjoy.

While there, visit our classroom and sign up for your favorite classes.